Forsyth Amateur Radio Technical Society

Would you buy a used radio from this man?  (We wouldn't either.)

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Our motto: "Dedicated to corrupting all HAMs in Forsyth County or otherwise." 

    224.82   (Carrier squelch)

    444.975   PL Tone: 141.3

    927.6875  PL Tone: 151.4 

El Presidente has just forwarded this week's winner in the "DOT Gets Paid By the Hour" Category:

And on a similar note, let's don't forget this little classic from the Arizona Department of Transportation:

Meeting Dates

Meetings?  What meetings?  Oh, yeah.  Working on it.  Check out the link.


Membership in our extinguished society is available at the following membership levels:  Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Polyvinyl chloride, Plastic, Wood, Cheese, Mucus, Phlegm and Dirt.  See your dealer for details.  Your mileage may vary.  Void where prohibited.  In fact, we strongly suggest you review our legal disclaimer.


"Days of Our Lives" seems to be a favorite program.  "Law & Order" is another program.  Phil likes to watch the Braves.




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We insist that you read and understand our legal disclaimer!


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